Stoverinck Leather Company is a manufacturer of leather motorcycle bags, bicycle bags, picnic cases, leather bags for storing charging cables, scooter cases made of waterbuffalo leather (waterproof), mail bags, leather desk accessories, original handmade leather business gifts and original personal gift items.

Stoverinck Leather Company is also a design studio and workshop for customization in shop furnishings such as designing, producing and upholstering lounge sofas, bed backs, seating elements, fitting room curtains.
We can offer tailor-made solutions for interior applications in various materials such as leather, imitation leather and / or fabric.
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Motorcycle bags

Stoverinck Leather Company is manufacturer of our own collection of motorcycle bags, made of top quality cow leather.
We supply our originals to customers throughout Europe under the name Stoverinck.

Bicycle bags

Custom-made Interior applications

Making special products is what belongs to our activities. The custom made products can be upholstered with different materials and in different ways.

Custom made lounge sofas, poufs, sofas, seats

Tailor-made projects or furniture according to the customer’s wishes, heights, widths, depths, design with different upholstery options, e.g. different stitching. Placing buttons or dividing them or luxurious piping in a different color is possible.

Custom made shop interior

Custom made curtains, fitting room curtains, leather-covered fitting room doors

We can supply various types of qualities and designs.
The curtains can be manufactured in various fabrics, leather and imitation leather.

It is also possible to finish the curtains with leather or imitation leather.
Printing or embroidering for example logos on the curtains is possible.